Chapter 1 Motivation in second language learning – Conclusion

1.5. Conclusion

Kathleen Doherty (2002: 19-23) believes that a learner’s attitude and motivation has frequently been reported to be the most crucial factor for language acquisition. It is worth remembering that motivation is a very complex concept and it can affect many different fields in different ways at the same time.

Following this thought one must admit that motivation is a very important issue concerning our everyday lives. Also, teachers have always been struggling with learners’ lowered motivation towards SLL and vocabulary learning or with the lack of motivation.

The researches like Pavlov or Skinner have been interested in what and why motivates individuals towards performing specific actions since decades. As it was mentioned, it is also important for second language vocabulary learning, which is directly related to second language learning. That is why the teacher should seek the best way to motivate their learners both intrinsically and extrinsically in order to help them to achieve a success.